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Anna Hemmings MBE

Anna Hemmings MBE is best known as Britain's most successful female kayaker, a two time Olympian and 5 times World Champion.


Anna's inspirational tale is one of triumph over adversity.  In April 2003 Anna was diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome and was told by medical experts that she might never race again.  But Anna's 'Never give up' attitude enabled her to make a full recovery and between 2005 and 2007 she went on to win a hat-trick of three world titles in a row.


Anna's story of success in the face of adversity is motivational, but most importantly delivers some valuable lessons about resilience and high performance including:


What the key attributes of a resilient performer are and how to develop them.


How to sustain high performance in a challenging environment and learn how to thrive under pressure rather than simply survive under pressure.


How to develop unwavering self-belief and build confidence.

People Generating Success

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