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Ben Hunt Davis MBE

In 1998, following another disappointing regatta in Cologne, Ben Hunt-Davis and the rest of his GB Eight rowing team realised that if they carried on doing what they were doing, they would keep getting what they’d been getting – which was a lot of 7th place finishes!


So instead, they decided to approach things differently, critically, asking the same simple question with every single action they took: ‘Will it make the boat go faster?’ Along their journey they learned the sustainable, dependable techniques that put them on track for their gold medal at the Sydney Olympics in 2000.


Ben shares these techniques with his audience, giving them the tried and tested Olympic-winning strategies that will help them thrive in their chosen adventures.


Since retiring from competitive sport in 2000, Ben has worked as a keynote speaker and performance consultant. His clients have included many of the FTSE 100 companies and the exciting growth area of businesses run by entrepreneurial leaders.


Ben still helps to run international rowing events and has been involved with five Olympic Games in various roles.

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People Generating Success

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