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We pride ourselves on getting the best possible results for our clients and the majority of our business comes from recommendation and referral.  What people are prepared to say about the things we do is incredibly important to us and people who are considering using us for the first time.


We have many more testimonials which are available on request, but we hope the snap shot of what you read and view here will give you enough information and confidence to know that we do what we say we do.

Case Studies

“As an established and consistently well performing business in our sector we could have come to the conclusion that the talent we have within the team will naturally continue to rise and evolve  to meet the engagement and performance standards required to grow the business.


However, the ‘Building Talent’ programme, created and run by PGS has inspired even higher levels of sustained engagement and enthusiasm within RGB . 


Working with a range of individuals across the business who jointly we have identified for a more focused personal development plan, Kevin, Rob and the team have challenged those individuals and the company to really maximise their potential.’


PGS have led an engaging programme that has seen individual plans pull together for a wide range of skills within our business, with the focus on transferring the learning back into the real world of our day to day business it has been inspiring to see the team individually and as a whole develop and flourish.


It is always an important consideration to spend wisely on our people development and our first engagement with PGS has been a valuable investment for RGB.


In the competitive market that we operate it is great to work with somebody who understands the diversity and challenges of our industry.”


Kevin Fenlon CEO

Rawle Gammon and Baker Holdings Ltd

People Generating Success

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