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Professor Nigel Maclellan

There are three categories of speaker: informational, motivational, transformational.


Transformational speakers enable audiences to make

improvements that transform their results.


All of Nigel MacLennan's speeches are transformational, and, pass "the tomorrow morning test." What is the tomorrow morning test? An assessment by audiences on whether what Nigel has shared can be used to transform their results, when applied, tomorrow morning. Nigel has been developing powerful and effective

tomorrow morning tools for decades.


He created the world's first process model of coaching, published in the No1 best-seller "Coaching and Mentoring," the world's first culture alignment model (in "Awesome Purpose"), the world's first method to assess the effectiveness of a corporate vision, before it is implemented, in "The Perfect Vision," an innovation tool that is so effective that any normal adult can generate vast quantities of commercially relevant ideas, in real time, systematically and reliably, on demand ("Opportunity Spotting"). He created the... 

To date Nigel has published 60 books, and performance 

enhancing programmes on DVD and Audio, each of which provides original techniques that you can use to achieve better results, tomorrow morning.


Nigel holds a degree in psychology and a doctorate in leadership coaching, and is a Chartered Psychologist. He uses state of the art performance psychology to bring performance psychology to transform the results of the people he serves. If you want your audiences to be fully engaged from the first minute, and, to improve their results, starting tomorrow morning, Prof Nigel MacLennan delivers. Nigel's day job is coaching CEOs, MDs, Directors and business managers to achieve improved results. 

People Generating Success

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