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Floyd Woodrow


Floyd Woodrow MBE is the Chairman and CEO of Chrysalis Worldwide, the world’s leading values-based performance organisation.


He coaches elite international athletes and sporting teams, the world’s leading banks, financial services companies, governments, education institutions, police forces, emergency services and international corporations on all aspects of elite performance and leadership.


Floyd’s unique and highly innovative training programmes were developed over a 20-year period, working in situations which demand the highest possible level of personal and corporate performance.


Previously Floyd was one of the youngest soldiers ever to be selected for the UK’s elite Special Air Service Regiment (SAS) at the age of 22.  He has served in many different operational areas globally, and was awarded the UK’s second-highest award for gallantry, the Distinguished Conduct Medal, for his services whilst in Afghanistan. 


Floyd has also studied law and psychology.


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“I lead an organisation with a strong reputation and that is generally recognised as a high performer in every sector metric. I wanted to move on to a new elite standard - a standard not sought within my sector. Floyd has become an integral part of this journey.


Floyd brings a challenging approach based on deep insight that forces you to confront every area of complacency. He offers a rare blend of lived experience and deep research allied with a passion for extraordinary levels of clarity. He brings a methodology that is emotionally appealing and professionally stimulating. He leaves no room for average.


Floyd is working across our entire organisation. He is a critical friend to our Top Team and is having an astonishing impact. We are revealing our real ambitions, our anxieties and our fears. We are working through these as individuals but also as a team. We are becoming stronger, more resilient and ever more ambitious. We are totally committed to our journey. The rich potential of the most talented team I have ever been a part of is being realised. Compass for Life is engraining into our organisational culture and narrative.


We have committed to a long term relationship which will expose nearly 20,000 people in our organisation to Floyd’s passion and drive. I have been leading large complex organisations for 20 years and have never experienced anything with this rigour or impact. It will touch every child in our schools, every person on our payroll and reach out into the communities that we serve.


If you really want to explore elite, if you really want to look in the mirror and see the best version of you, if you are really bold enough to start the journey of high challenge and high support then Floyd is your man. He will be your coach, your mentor, your navigator and your agent provocateur. He will help you with the skills you need and he will create the environments to test them. 


If you are going through the motions Floyd will call you out. Be very sure that you are really committed to being elite.”

John Roberts - CEO, AO World

People Generating Success

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