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John Cremer

Improvisation unlocks creativity

When organisations need to do more with less, when teams and leaders want extraordinary results, when innovation is a necessity and not a luxury then focussed training in improvisation makes a big difference – fast.


The techniques work every time and they have take away value in all areas of the workplace.


Creative Thinking

A sixty second exercise guaranteed to clear mental blockages and promote effortless lateral thinking.


Team Building

Methods to adapt and collaborate with any team on any project - Ways to make each member feel valued.


Presentation Skills

How to deliver your best every time - how to respond to any question.


These highly interactive presentations are designed to bypass the critical mind and access the unique talents of the individual. The fear of being “on the spot” is transformed into confidence in one’s ability to flourish in any changing environment. None of this work is theoretical – each technique is described then used in a variety of different ways which are tailored for the desired results. The team and it’s leaders takes away an experience of using practical tools to meet a variety of creative challenges.

People Generating Success

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