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Penny Mallory

Against the odds, Penny Mallory became the first woman in the World to compete in a World Rally Car. Her story is unusual and inspiring.


Penny has spoken to audiences all over the world. She works closely with all her clients to ensure the emphasis of her speech compliment the issues of the company and the event. Every event is tailored to the clients needs and requirements.


Based on over twenty years of Sporting and Business experience, Penny talks about ‘The Psychology of Success’.

Her ‘World Class Thinking: World Class Behaviour’ presentations, workshops and break out sessions cover teamwork, goal setting, focus, leadership and how to achieve extraordinary results.


As a sought-after Motivational Speaker, Penny shares the ups and downs of her story from ‘homeless waster’ to ‘Rally Champion’, inspiring audiences to achieve greater things for themselves. Despite being told she was the ‘wrong sex’ and ‘too old’, she achieved her life long dream of being a Rally Driver. Her unique and inspirational story shows there is no limit to what you can achieve with will determination, focus and commitment.

People Generating Success

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